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What I Have Worked On

What I have worked on


Previously in his career, Tal held a variety of technical leadership roles over sixteen years with the Microsoft Corporation, working on and releasing products and services including Speech Server, MyMSN, Server and Desktop ActiveSync, TaxSaver and Internet Explorer. He was a managing consultant for a practice office of Microsoft Consulting Services focused on ASPs and Telco companies. See a YouTube video of one of my Microsoft projects below.

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Amazon Web Services

Tal spent five years at Amazon around the formation of Amazon Web Services. He was formerly the General Manager of Amazon CloudFront, a pay-as-go content distribution service, Amazon Route 53, the AWS DNS service and the Elastic Transcoding Services. In this role, Tal was responsible for the overall development, management and product direction of Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53 and the Elastic Transcoder Service as well as two other internal web services over four years. To see some more details on what we accomplished over those years please click below.

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Cisco Cloud Services

At Cisco, Tal was the Vice President of Product Management for Cisco Cloud Services. Tal was responsible for development of product requirements as well as driving adoption of Cisco Cloud Services. The Cisco Cloud Services product management team works across our InterCloud Partners, internal teams building on top of Cisco Cloud Services and building an offering for external customers. To learn more about the current set of Cloud offerings from Cisco please click below.

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